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We do not believe that the government should support us, rather we support our government. 

Our goal is to provide factual information along with commentary that presents a liberal America. If being a liberal means we fight for the middle class, then we are liberal. If being a liberal means we do not disrespect our president, then we are liberals. If being a liberal means we support social programs for the less fortunate of Americans, then we are liberals.

So join us as we try to present fact and commentary for those who believe in and support our government no matter who is in charge. When our next president is elected regardless of party that will be our president. And whether or not our party is in power or our republican brethren are in power we will still rationally present our case.

That is why we are proud to be Americans! 



You have your America; I have mine.

An artistic interpretation of the concepts in the book Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

I was so inspired by this book, this is my interpretation of  the concepts contained within.

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You have your America I have mine! by John J Dale

You have your America; I have mine.

Yours is a political America with a multitude and endless array of problems and conflicts. I have mine adorned with all her beautiful dreams and boundless hopes.Your America is a tangled political knot which strangles and chokes all progress and growth; mine is a beautiful flowering plant majestically reaching to the blue skies and heavens opening for all to enjoy. Your America is a problem, an enigma within a paradox and has yet to, and will never be solved; mine is the perfect equation, a perfect song, a classic novel a beautiful poem, so simple in its elocution of the perfection of thought we were founded on. Your America is a constant battle between the left and right, the rich and poor, the weak and strong; my America is a perfect harmony of ideas and thoughts that transcend the the pettiness of the mean streets of our cities. Your America is a consensus of talking heads all proclaiming they are right and how they have your best interest at heart; my America knows no answer is absolute and our true beauty and regalness is our varied differences. The road to your America claims theirs is the right and only choice; where in my America all roads lead us to to a possible and plausible journeys end where we all gather enlightened as one.

Yes you have your America and I have mine.
Your America is a chess game between knights and pawns, sacrificing the weak for the survival of your queen; My America is a temple where all are welcome equally and stand on even ground. Your America has the rich bleeding the poor, the master dominating the slave; In my America if one man is a slave all men are slaves. Your America sees the powerful subjugate the weak; In my America if one rich man derails the hopes and dreams of the poor we stand up and fight for them shouting to the heavens of retched inequality. In your America of chest thumping and egotistical inflated egos, you sing the praises of yourself; while my America sobs for those who face the desperation of domination, inequality and prejudice.

You have your America and I have mine.

Your America are those who pilfer the less endowed through subterfuge, cunning and misdirection; my America sings the hopes of our youth, the dreams of our poets the beauty in the minds eye of the artist. In your America women make seventy seven cents on the dollar of a mans wage for equal work; In my America women are cherished and respected for the virtues and values which they instill from birth and nurture all of us to be worthwhile and valuable human beings! In your America your job is watching the stock market and fighting a livable minimum wage and health care; In my America we feed the hungry, share our monetary success,and treat our workers as the backbone and reason for that success. In your America you fight even a 10.00 minimum for a forty hour work week; in my America workers are cherished, advanced and given a stake in a company's good fortune. In your America you scream for deportation, while downtrodden immigrants park your cars, cut your grass and clean your house; in my America we know we are but two generations removed from Ellis island, and try to make the path to citizenship easy and attainable to be a part of the beautiful dream we call America.

Yes you have your America and I have mine.

In your America you somehow begrudge any attempt of upward mobility by your pawns, pay no taxes and hide your money offshore; in my America we dutifully pay our taxes not once begrudging those less fortunate who need government assistance. In your America of only man and women marriages denying true equal rights; we stand shoulder to shoulder with the LGBT community fighting unequal treatment. How little gay and minorities are in you America; and how big and cherished they are in mine.

You have your America; I have mine!

When my hand covers my heart and I proudly sing: My country Ti's of thee, sweet land of Liberty, of thee I sing! I am living the dream of our forefathers. My America lives inside of you and I. It whispers in our ears the beautiful dream and transcendent concept that is what was envisioned by our founders. All of us know to glance inward at the truth and beauty of what we are collectively, reveals the pride and knowing of what we stand for. We are a beacon of light for all nations as to what we and they can be. I say to you with the conscience of the universe as my witness, I proudly live the American dream!

You have your America and I have mine. And really we are not that different you and I Together we can make us as one!
God bless America!

John Dale




At we pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well being. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community.

Somehow we are the voice of the middle and lower class. The lines are growing blurrier each passing year. We only know we are not the 1% of Americans that control 90% of the wealth. We know we work hard for our money and yet many times at the end of the month we are deciding between food or bills. And if we are in need of government help we are called the losers, the takers, the infamous 47% Mitt Romney talked about. If we need to avail ourselves of food stamps we are accused of using them for lavish meals. And that we have over exaggerated our needs to get them in the first place. The fact is seniors and veterans make up over 65% of those with SNAP privileges, and single mothers the bulk of remaining totals. THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT WHEN FOOD STAMPS WERE CUT, THEY CUT 900,000 VETS FOOD  TAMPS! 900,000 THAT IS A UNDENIABLE TRUTH!!! Butthisyear, republicans had to cut food stamps, to short change Grandma, and our disabled vets. That is who was hurt. Not the 1% or,2% who abuse and who maybe don't deserve food stamps. Have you ever been hungry? Until you've stood in a food bank line hoping they don't run out before you get there, you should be getting food stamps. I get on the bus every 2 weeks with seniors and vets, and a couple single moms. It is very sad. Butstillall those in need are disparaged by the republicans. Again, humanity, compassion, Caring, all attributes not exhibited by Repub licans. 

And unemployment benefits. The republicans had to let the clock run out around Christmas on extending unemployment benefits. What is ironic is every penny paid to someone from unemployment, is money that they paid in! You don't qualify for unemployment if you didn't pay in the full amount to get full benefits. In this economy to not extend the benefits for anyone who worked enough to qualify for benefits is cruel and unfair. These are obviously people who were working 40 hour weeks as, "You don't qualify if you worked less, or you get paid less!" And unemployment money goes right back into the economy immediately. As the recipients need to spend it on such lavish things as food and rent!

And immigration reform. The republicans swore they were going to reach out to Hispanics. And they even presented a bill. And of course they themselves dismissed the bill as too liberal. Let's see a 10 year path to citizenship is too liberal? What do they need 20 years! We have 16 million illegals that want to be legal and "pay taxes". Not enough border control is the reason they site. Border control has nothing to do with the illegals here. Those that clean our buildings and park our cars and cut our grass. They want to deport these people? This was so typical of the republican party today. Saying they need to appeal to women and min orities and then rather then do what in their hearts they knew was right, they bow to a small minority of right wing loonies and the squeaky wheels in their constituents. These people will never be satisfied. The 16,000,000 are here! They have birthed children here. These children are American citizens. Their parents are afraid to step up for fear of reprisal or deportation.

And women's rights. When a leading voice of the republican party says: "Women are waiting for Uncle Sugar to come with birth control pills because they can't control their libido!". Then we all know Gov. Huckabee, doubles down and repeats this flawed reasoning countless times on his show on fox and in public appearances, as if he is so proud of this unbelievably blatantly offensive comment. First, who is this Uncle Sugar, I guess referring to the government as a pimp, as if birth control pills are something women who are done childbearing should not take part in, and then calling into question their sexuality, in essence calling them libido driven, fetus killing, government dependent, sub species. And the quotes just keep coming. If you read the "They said what?" page on this site. Everything from "legitimate rape, to calling Benghazi a preclusion issue for Hillary Clinton ever holding office.

Speaking of Benghazi, on this site you will also see the 13 Benghazi's that occurred under George Bush. This is a non issue. An unfortunate episode of which history shows happened under every president.

And fighting minimum wage. The president wanted a 10.00 minimum wage. My God a 40 hour week and your making 400.00? Minus taxes. And SS, my God. The republicans said it will cost us 16,000,000 jobs. Does anyone buy this? You are going to lay people off because they make 400.00 a week? And you can't afford it as an employer? Oh I get it you want to hire 2 Mexicans at 5.00 an hour to do that work. Oh no wait you deported them. This is propaganda from the right, from big buissnesspushing to keep the middle and lower class right where they are. On and on they drone about minimum wage, when it is a can't lose political issue with the masses, but again doubling down on faulty reasoning. They don't want to pay us, and they also since they don't pay us, they don't want to insure us. Again this is not socialism, its humanism!

The push back against Obama care has been fought since its inception. Even after a failed court challenge did nothing to quell the Republican and Tea party obstructionism. Despite its botched roll out that had Fox news and its pundits dancing in the streets, the fact that preexisting conditions as a reason for denying health care are now a thing of the past, you would think would at the very least this would be hailed as something noble and needed by our country. Now people with MS, Parkinson's, Aids, cancer, any condition can not be denied. Do you want to go back to when this much needed arm of the affordable care act did not exist. And the fact that the entire populace can now get health care seems to be totally forgotten by its critics. Why wouldn't that fact alone gain bi partisan support as is that not a noble aspiration. The ridiculous assertion to "let the uninsured continue to use our ER's, as their health care. Follow up care costs mean a cold,could end up costing thousands of dollars that is passed on in our health care premiums. We pay 1000.00 a year added to our premiums for this wasteful approach to health care. 

And the use of our prisons as housing for newly crowned fellons whose only crime is they were caught with a miniscule amount of pot, and whose record will be forever blemished. Least not we forget it costs 168,000.00 a year to house a inmate. Who pays for this, we do. Who pays for the emergency room care, we do. It is time to wake up America and open, not your wallet, but your heart. Every social program is meant to help a social cause. It is called social as it is meant to help the masses. We are not socialists we are a humane and caring society. To call this socialism is again ignoring the positive aspects of any program. 

Voting rights are,being challenged in states that are trying to squash the black vote. If you go into our poor cities you'll find the disenfranchised urban citizens of which 50% live below the poverty level. Some of them working 60 hour weeks moving daily from job to job trying to make ends meet. Many without I'd of any kind, as they pay 20 or 30 dollars a week from their paychecks to cash their checks at check cashing places as they don't even have bank accounts. In rural poor states the steps to obtain even an ID, are paved with stipulation after stipulation, meant only to serve one purpose. Suppression!

Wall street is flourishing. But middle and lower class people are not taking part in this. Oh they supply the grease and muscle for big business but their stock portfolios are only a dream. 

And then people like me who are stuck right in between middle and lower class. I qualify for nothing from the government, but 35% taxes. No food stamps, no assistance, no housing help.  I pay health care, state and federal taxes, and 7% on everything else in my state. 

Well if all of this means we are liberal, yes we are. We are the real America. The Americans who like me qualify for nothing but hard work, hard times and fighting conservatism in America. Because if you listen to Fox news we are the takers the leaches, the "47%"

Yes we are the liberal voice and we are proud of that. We are teachers, artists, humanitarians, actors, everybody fox isn't . We are not a hate site. We publish the truth. We fact check and merely quote what was said from the right. That makes us liberal.

It is you the middle class, who suffer the most. We are the same. We see the rich getting richer as we slide precariously closer to the poverty line. I have been waiting for the "trikledowneconomics" promised by the patron saint of all republicans, Ronald Regan, who refused to even mention aids as hundreds of thousands died. Yes trickle down, sure, don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining!

Our staff members are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our goal is to  ake a difference in your life and those around you. Don't just stand on the sideline get engaged in your community.

We are not a hate group and offer all a voice. It is just that "that wacky 47% of us believe in not having the government support us but we support the government.

John Dale

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